Conference Alive

Lift-up your corporate events with Conference Alive—a dynamic session tailored for gatherings like Annual Company Conferences, Dealer Meets, Product Launches, and Budget Meets.

Specifically designed for large groups (50–500 participants), these sessions deliver a fast-paced, engaging format, serving as impactful kick-offs or wrap-ups for companywide conferences. The lasting impact ensures that participants remember both the excitement and the valuable learning long after the event concludes 

Breathe Life into your conference agenda by

Large Group Activities

Fire Walk

Fire walk

Overcoming fear & limiting beliefs, Stepping out of Comfort Zone, Boosting Morale
Drum Circle

Drum Circle

Team Building, Positive Energy, Collaboration
Lets Dance

Lets's Dance

Team Synergy, Stress Buster, Collaboration
The Domino Effect

The Domino effect

Innovation, Creativity, Leadership
Glass Walk

Glass Walk

Overcoming fear & limiting beliefs, Stepping out of Comfort Zone, Boosting Morale
Rod bends

Rod Bend

Overcoming fear & limiting beliefs, Stepping out of Comfort Zone, Boosting Morale
Explorers of Conscolla

Explorers of Conscolla

Collaboration, Negotiation, Problem Solving
4 Forces

4 Forces

Strategy, Leadership, Innovation

What clients Say about us

Mustardseed’s experiential training shifted my perspective, offering engaging learning experiences in today’s complex world. I appreciate their approach and am grateful for this exciting learning journey.

Kuldeep Dhankar

Co-founder Last9

Learning for me is always about being an explorer, and maintaining an open mind in my professional life for continuous discovery. Thank you, Anil, for a fantastic session. The insights gained will be implemented to enhance our professional journey and strive for improvement. Thank you.

Bhairwani Poonam

Region Head HR - Mumbai - Sodexo

Thank you for a spectacular event spanning SKO and all hands. I know there was a lot of hard work behind the scenes from Deepa and the rest of your team to create a very unique experience. I am grateful for your time, commitment and interest in our journey. With friends like you we will draw strength and inspiration in good and tough times.

Supratim Biswas

Chief Revenue Officer, Clevertap

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