Value Centric Selling

Learn how to position your value, not your price. Frequently, sales professionals promote their products/services without grasping the true value of what we offer! Distinguishing between the cost of a product and its inherent value is crucial. This leads to sales professionals readily providing discounts, leading to clients underappreciating the true worth of offerings

In our curated learning session learn the skills to confidently demonstrate your product and service knowledge, enabling you to sell on value versus price. Understand how to use your expertise confidently to ethically influence outcomes and meet both the buyer’s and your requirements

At the end of the program, the participants will be able to

What clients say about us

“I would personally recommend this program for Sales , because what we see on the field is exactly what is brought out through the simulations. I would like to congratulate Anil and his team for their excellent work. Through this program I have been able to discover the strengths and potentials of my own people”

Lawrence Pinheiro

Sr. VP. US Vitamins

 It has been a great learning experience. This is a very unique Business Growth Training and has helped us to unleash fresh momentum into our business 

Parag Bhandare

MD,AKP Ferrocast

Anil crafted an impactful program that exceeded my expectations. The session highlighted the importance of collaboration, offering real-life examples that resonated with our team. The experience of navigating challenges together was profound, reflecting the daily workplace dynamics. This program emphasized rising above disagreements to deliver customer-centric solutions. It reinforced that collaboration isn’t just about relying on others; it’s about creating, innovating, and offering value. Thank you for an insightful and pleasurable experience!

Gitesh Karnik

Chief People Officer - Pay Nearby

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