We believe that an organization’s culture is not just a facet of its identity; it is the bedrock of its health, growth, and impact

To individuals, culture is akin to the soil in which they are planted—a nurturing foundation that allows them to thrive, blossom, and produce abundant fruit

Our Culture Building Philosophy

Every organisation needs to be fiercely protective of it’s culture , it’s DNA, that sets it apart from the competition. This makes culture building a very vital piece.Our rich experience in Culture interventions across Industries has helped develop our philosophy in Culture building.

Core Values must be defined

Core Values are the foundation of any culture. These are values that were held close by the founding team that gave the organisation its identity and success. It is vital that these values are identified and defined.

Core Values must be lived

A good and vibrant culture is more than just a set of values on paper. Values must shape the daily experiences of every individual within an organization and serve as the compass that guides decision-making, providing a clear direction for actions and behaviours.

Culture always flows from the top to bottom

It is a ripple effect that starts with the core leadership team or the C-suite getting aligned to the core values. They must be inspired to live these values daily as they set direction and make decisions.

Value Immersion is a continuous process

Employee Hiring and churn are a regular feature in every organisation, as new Leaders and Teams join, it is imperative to first align them to the core values, clarifying beyond doubt the value aligned and unaligned behaviours.
The Culture Ripple Effect

Our Approach to Culture Building

We have built our culture-building interventions aligned with our philosophy that Culture is a ripple effect.  Starting from the top, we systematically cover every level in a series of interventions.

Core leaders define values

Facilitated sessions with Core leaders to Identify & define core living values

Next-level leaders embody them

Workshops for Next-level leaders to embrace the values

Teams adopt living values

Value immersion programs for Teams to adopt living values

Culture takes root

Ongoing initiatives to preserve the Culture

Our Bespoke Culture Building Programs

We support you in every step of the way with specialised experiential learning workshops

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Core Values Articulation

Guiding leaders in identifying living and aspired values through a comprehensive diagnostic process. From data collection to defining core values and creating decision-making frameworks, our guided approach ensures a thorough exploration.
Rear view of Audience in the conference hall or seminar meeting which have Speakers are Brainstorming and talking on the stage, business and education about investment concept

Designing Value Immersion Workshops

Inspiring employees at all levels through customized workshops designed to foster the embrace of organizational values.
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Conducting Train the Trainer for Value Champions

Sustaining culture through continuous value immersion. Our train-the-trainer workshops empower value champions to run ongoing value immersion workshops to ingrain these principles in the organizational DNA.

Case Studies

Articulating the Core Values

Value Immersion Programs


What clients say about us

Shreya Basu Human Resources, Nobel Biocare India Pvt Ltd

Program Design & Content was very Good and the roll-out was Excellent.
It was very practical, the audience could connect easily, with less theory and more experiential. The Context was set in an excellent manner and objective as briefed was met well.

Rishi Jagmohan National Training Manager, UCB Pharma

Through this program, the attributes, attitudes, nature and behaviours of individuals came out very clearly and during the debriefs one could find out how to correct those. The most important was the self realisation. The program was designed and conducted in a beautiful manner and such programs if conducted on a regular basis are sure to help both the individual and the organisation.

Subhmay Chatterjee Head HR at Bajaj Corp Ltd

We have been engaging Mustard Seed for our Senior Leadership Programs since the past few years. And I must say that their sessions are Brilliant! As a Leader I am very pleased with the learning and the outcomes.

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